April 29

Bike+Walk Conference Kick-off
100 1st SE Rochester

April 21

Earth Fest and Park and Ride a Bike
Rochester community

March 3

Bike Summit 2018
125 Live

Aug 1

Pata de perro Bike club Annual Picnic

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Friendly Buiness Logo

A Bicycle Friendly Business District is a partnership between the neighborhood, business organizations and We Bike Rochester, the Rochester Bicycle Coalition.

Our Bicycle Friendly Business District program seeks to:

Enhance the “bike local” and “shop local” connection

Promote district business development, community building, and physical activity

Increase parking availability for visitors and residents who cannot ride a bicycle

Complement complete streets objectives, traffic calming, and neighborhood development in Rochester

Determine program structure and elements for broader citywide program

Improve a business district’s bicycle friendliness through bicycle infrastructure and local business promotions to bicyclists

Encourage and promote local trips by bicycle, especially for shopping, dining, and recreation

Program Benefits for Members:

Assistance with obtaining bicycle parking

Free participation in educational opportunities for bicycle safety and commuting how-to

Bicycle promotion and education information materials

Walk Your Bike Downtown campaign

Walk Your Bike Downtown campaign

Rochester Bicycle Maps