This is where it all Begins!!!

Pictured Rocks Lake Superior Michigan

I'm pretty pumped that I'm starting to learn HTML. I can't wait to really jump into CSS and JS! It's not going to be easy, but I'm ready for the challenge. Before we get started, please check out Jovana's Site!

CSS is coming a lot easier than I thought it would thanks to these videos!

The book was a little hard to follow, but now it's getting explained pretty thoroughly to me. Woop Woop!!!

A Little Bit of Why I'm Here...

I'm working on finishing up my Web Design Degree so I can start looking for more options for work. I have my AAS in Graphic Design but noticed most jobs what HTML experience as well.

I took this class a couple years ago, however, I took a break for awhile and thought it'd be beneficial if I retook the class.

You All Want To Hear Some Jokes?

What do you call Lassie with a rose in her mouth?

A "Collie-Flower"

What do you get when a vampire meets a snowman?