A small page for potato-based information.

So, what is a potato?

The well-known potato is a starchy tuber, grown from the plant "Solanum Tuberosum", which is a nutritional staple in many places. Though, the name "potato" can be given to two things: The tuber itself, and the plant that it comes from(1), though most people think of the tuber when thinking about the potato. The most well-known thing about the potato, and why it is eaten so often, is the fact that it is extremely nutricious, with high levels of vitamin B6 and vitamin C helping keep your body up-and- running, and high levels of starch keeping you feeling full, so you don't have to eat too much(2). All is not well for the potato, though: If the imfamous potato blight(3) taught us anything, it's that potatoes crops can be easily devastated if not cared for extremely well. This can be such a serious issue, that in the U.S, only 15 states are actually allowed to grow potatoes commecially to reduce risk of a potato epidemic(4). Though, that isn't enough to keep the wonderful potato from being eaten and enjoyed by the hundreds of millions of tonnes around the world(5).

Sources of Potato Information