Constitutional Convention

Madison's roll in the Constitutional Convention

The Conistitutional Convention was pivotal moment in the birth of America, it involved all the big players of the time including
George Washingtion and Thomas Jefferson. This convention was set up originally to modify and amend the
existing Articles of Confederation During the meeting which took place in Phildelphia, between May 25 and September 17 1787,
it was clear that the goverment in place would not work, and they would need to make a new one.
James Madison, who was already making waves in the political scen at the time, came
prepared with a proposed government, defined in what would soon be called the Virginia Plan. Madison influenced every part of the confrence, and
effectivily produced the Constitution that we use in America to this day.

Known today as the "Father of the Constitution", Madison was very passionate about his
political and moral philosophies. Although Madison was had to succed to his contemporaries in many instances, he is also
credited for having the most impact on the Constitution that we still use today.

Independance Hall, where the Constitution was signed.

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