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COMP1150 Spring 2018

Ian's Manga Genre Comedy

Comedy is a genre that has funny characters who do all sorts of strange things o get a laugh.

The two mangas that I like in this genre are Nisekoi and One Piece.

Nisekoi is a manga that is about the two children of two different gangs in a town. The parents of those two want to make peace but the younger generation want to keep fighting, so they had the idea of having their children date to keep the others from fighting. The rest of the manga is about the things that happen, which eventually leads to those two people actually falling in love at the end.


One Piece is a manga that is set in an age of pirates. There are these fruits that give the users special powers, and no one is the same. The captain a strange guy and he found a strange, but one of the best crews in the whole world and the whole manga is pretty funny.

One Piece

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