My Cat Family

Dorothy is the oldest cat in the family, and is Queen of the Kingdom of Fantasia and the other Commonwealth realms. Her breed is a Calico. She is 10 years old.

Dorothy was presumed born on June 1, 2007 and was found as a stray. There were weird things going on with her body, she was then immediately taken to the vet. The vet says her condition was life threatening. But luckily, me and my family discovered it just in time and got the care she needed. If it wasn't for me and my family, she wouldn't be here today. Because of her bravery and survival, we thought she can be queen of the entire household. She was the first cat I ever owned. I always wanted a cat, but all we had were dogs. Luckly when I found her hiding in the bushes in the woods, and after she got treatment, I got to keep her. I named her after Elmo's pet goldfish.

In November 2014, a commonwealth called the Clan United Nations was founded and Dorothy became monarch of the entire commonwealth. The commonwealth contained 25 different countries until 2016, when Fantasyland was split into two different countries, the Democratic Republic of Fantasia and the Kingdom of Fantasia, the KOF became a member of the commonwealth, making it 26.

I'm happy for her and we wish her to continue serving as our house pet and monarch for many years to come.

Albert is the second oldest cat in the family, and is the Heir Apparent for the Kingdom of Fantasia. His breed is a Maine Coon. He is 8 years old.

Albert was presumed born on April 25, 2009 and was found as stray. He was discovered on one summer night climbing up the house from the garden, meowing constantly. Several days later, he managed to come in the house by squeezing through the cracks of wood, managing him to enter our basement. Moments later he meowed at the door and when it opened he entered our main home. Assuming he had no home, we decided to keep him in our family. He was named after the scientist Albert Einstein.

Over the years he managed to gain body weight, making him fierce and strong. He's the toughest cat in the family and manages to be sensitive. He doesn't like anyone touching him in certain spots in his body, and sometimes he tries to bite us or scratch us. He is a calm charm loving cat as well. He will let us pet him once in a while.

In 2016, Albert was given the title as Heir Apparent, being the first line of succession.

Even though he can be rough and tough at times, I still love him, and am hoping for him to continue being in our family for many years to come.

Otto is the youngest cat is the family, along with his sister, Lola. He and Lola were both found as strays. His breed as well as his sister's is the Arabian Mau. He is 5 years old.

Otto was presumed born on May 25, 2012 and was found as a stray. He and his sister were both found in the woods while I was mowing the lawn. My grandpa warned me about two orange cats in the woods and to be careful while I was mowing the grass. I then spotted them a few moments later and while I was driving the mower back to the garage, they followed me there. We left them alone outside, and the next morning, they were right by our front lawn. We let them stay with us near the house at the garden outside for a couple weeks and then they were indoor kittens a few weeks later.

Otto has cerebral palsy, and two of his legs don't function. But he can still get around on his own just fine. He is sometimes referred to as a lion due to his mane. My mom refers him as special due to his disorder and his personality. He often coos like a pigeon when he purrs, and sometimes he roars.

He is a great pet to have, along with the other cats. Let the fun with him continue for as long as he shall live.

Lola is also the youngest cat in the family, along with her brother, Otto. She and Otto were both found as strays. Her breed is also the Arabian Mau. She is also 5 years old.

Lola was presumed born on May 25, 2012 with her brother, assuming they both came from the same litter. She was found as a stray also. She was discovered along with her brother in the woods while I was mowing the lawn (See Otto's Biography Above).

Lola can sometimes be a little picky and sassy, but that doesn't stop us from giving her TLC. She likes to lick other people to clean us up. Who knows, maybe this will be the alternative to showering and bathing. She is sometimes referred to as a bottomfeeder, because of what she does. She likes to play with her brother sometimes, and has several cardboard playhouses to play with and scratch.

She is one of the cutest pets I've ever owned. Even though she can be at times snotty with my mom when it's time for her to go to bed and meows back, I still love her, and I treat her with love and respect like I do with all the other cats in our family.