Guatemala Missions

Map of Guatemala

Antigua, where I am going to help out, is known for its homeless and abondoned street children. Because there's a large international presence due to tourism, language students and businessmen, many people migrate to Antigua from their small Indian villages. Many of the homeless people, mostly adolescents and children, have substance abuse problems such as: alcoholism, glue sniffing and crack addictions. The homeless people in Antigua sleep under benches and covered archways. You will find many people however in trash dumps where they search for food and a place to sleep.

City Name Population
Guatemala City 994,938
Mixco 473,080
Villa Nueva 406,830

This is one of the worst kind of Guatemalan houses. It is more common than you would probably think.

To help out we are going to bring packets of food to many families. Through the YWAM base (Youth with a Mission) we will also have soup runs where we try to find the homeless people and offer them soup and prayer and amazing things often happen. We will also go into the schools and minister to the students telling them that their value is based off of what Christ did for them and not by works. We also will distribute Bibles to many different houses.


One of my favorite parts is to install stoves into their houses because the smoke in the house from fire pits often makes it miserable and is very bad for their health. It was eye opening my first time going to Guatemala and seeing many things that we take for granted everyday such as warm showers, good water, and carpet. Many homes have dirt floors and some people don't even have a bed or something cozy to sleep on.

I love how thankful Guatemalans are for the love and care that we bring.