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Musically Inspired is a web page specifically for music that inspires me

Koeundarith Andre Thim

My name is Koeundarith Andre Thim. My first name was made from both of my grandfathers names combined together. One being "Koeun" and the other being "Sarith". The reason for me creating this page is to show my love of music to others. Music inspires me to be myself when I'm around others. By the type of music I listen to you can tell what kind of person I am. I have a wide variety of music I like to listen to, but the ones on this page really sums up what I like the most. Music also helps me get through any kind of situation that might be stressful to me. There are a lot of different reasons to love music, I love music because it relates to real life scenarios that I'm going through. I also like music because of the type of vibe the beats and lyrics give off. Honestly, music is an outstanding subject.