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Musically Inspired is a web page specifically for music that inspires me


Drake is one of the world's top artist in the music industry. Itís only the beginning of 2018, and one of his songs is already number 1 on the Billboardís Hot 100 list. That song is named "God's Plan"(posted above). Drake said "God's Plan" was one of the most important projects he's ever done during his career. He gave away nearly one million dollars to those in need. In my opinion, I think that was one of the most inspiring things Drake could've done throughout his career.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite artists today. Kendrick Lamar used his past experience from growing up in Compton, California as a musical inspiration. When he was younger, Kendrick looked up to rappers like Tupac and Dr. Dre. I posted this video above because it's one song that I loved to listen to after visiting his concert for his album tour named "DAMN".

J. Cole

J. Cole is another one of my favorites artists. His album named "2014 Forest Hills Drive" was premiered at number one on the Billboard 200 list. By far, I think that this is one of the most inspirational albums he has released. This album went double platinum, and it's impressive because he had no appearences from other artists featured on this album. The video that is posted made me wonder what he was trying to do with his music video. I came to a conclusion that it is based on historic events, but still I think it's an amusing video.

Post Malone

In this generation of music now, I can say that Post Malone is one of my favorite upcoming artists. I think this because the lyrics in his songs connects with me on a different level only I can understand. Like in the video posted above, his song is called "Too Young". I think that the song generally speaks about not wanting to live a short life, but wanting to live life to the fullest. This inspires me because I want to have a life full of good memories and experiences before I get older.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown will always be one of my favorite artists. He's been making music since the early 2000's, and he's still making music today. Other artists from his generation have stopped making music, but the thing about Chris Brown that inspires me is that his music career is still progressing today. Throughout his music career, his flow of singing has changed as the years went on. I also think that this is inspiring because he had to change his music style to fit in with what this generation of people like to hear. Which is pretty impressive, because changing your style of music to fit in with the generation and still have hits is pretty challenging. In the video posted above, the song is titled "With You", and this song shows how different his music is compared to today.