Butterfly Kives (Balisongs)

An Introduction

Alex A

Balisongs, more commonly known as butterfly knives,
are unique blades that originated in the Phillipines.
There are a few parts to the blade, which can be found Here.
They are typically used for tricks such as rollovers, transfers, and aerials.
While it is easy to pick up, few people have mastered the balisong.
Those few, however, can do some amazing things. You can find one such compilation Here
To get started with a butterfly knife, you'll probably want a trainer.
These special knives are dull on both ends, so that you can't cut yourself.
They are especially helpful for practicing aerials and rollovers, where you actually let go of the knife.
Some trainers are unique in their blade replacement. There are combs, spoons, forks, multitools, and many others.
While the flipping crowd is very small, you can find groups online who are supportive and want to help beginners out
There are also many youtube channels, such as Big Flips, Artsea, and Squid Industries.
if you want reviews on balisongs, or other content related to balisongs, Will Hirsch has a great channel.
You can find a few established balisong companies below.
Squid Industries has all the trainer options you'll need, and Bear and Sons has higher end true knives
Squid_Industries Bear_and_Son