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Hello, my name is Alan Sloan and I am a cartoonist. I have been drawing original cartoons for about a decade. I first draw them down on paper before I display them online. My comic strips contain a variety of genres from comedy to superhero dramas to science-fiction to fantasy. Here is a short look of my comic strips.

Alan Sloan

Quirky 21-year-old artist/assistant manager Alan Sloan tries to get along with his misfit co-workers while working at a local modern art museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (NOTE: This comic strip is fictional, not biographical.)



After obtaining a hero's power bracelet on his wrist (which cannot come off), self-disciplined teenager Adam Night Galaxy becomes the zoot-suit vigilante, Dangerman, to fight crime and place powerful super-villains behind bars. But while adjusting to his new secret double life, Adam, his twin brother Andrew, and his friends learn the dark secrets about Danger Hills which puts their personal lives at risk.


Mugsy Screwball

During the Cold War in 1969, 15-year-old Chinese-American boy Mugsy Screwball and his brothers fly overseas to live with their uncle in Sacramento, California. While trying to adapt to his new life in America, Mugsy comes face to face with a notorious xenophobic crime syndicate known as the Blazer Family. After Mugsy saved a young boy from gunfire, the Blazer Family's ringleader, Butch Blazer, places all valuable members out to exterminate him. But with the law and a band of friends and family by his side, Mugsy must stop the Blazer Family's crime spree from harming him and his loved ones.



After a horrific encounter by a dangerous poltergeist, troubled stake-broading teenager Dominic Detryck and his friends are exiled to an isolated farm outside their hometown. During his exile, Dominic learns to deal with his split personality while keeping the ghost's short-temper under control. While getting help from his friends, Dominic tries to protect himself from the paranoid townspeople and other supernatural monsters who exact revenge on the ghost inside him.


The "Normal" Life

Barry Bartlett is a college student who tries to live an ordinary life. But Barry and his friends cannot escape the call to adventure knowing their lives are "cursed". Although Barry and his friends (whom are sometimes called the Procrastinators) have unique superpowers, mystical spells, and supernatural abilities, they still go through ordinary everyday problems. While going on one adventure at a time, each friend tries to solve their own problems while participating in zany sci-fi and fantasy crusades. As long as they get the job done, the Procrastinators can make it home before supper.


Robot Knights

After being abducted from Earth, young Jonah Ketchum is taken to a distant planet of Avalon where he becomes one of the King’s Royal Robot Knights. He learns that his parents were part of the Robot Knights and starts searching for them following their disappearance when he was ten. With the hope of finding them, Jonah has to defend Avalon from the evil Argonians, a race of totalitarian aliens who are set on conquering galaxies.


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