Anna Whitney
I started taking a photography class for college near
the start of 2024. For this class we were encouraged to
play with different angles and lighting when taking
pictures. I ventured to wherever inspiration brought me
and my Cannon camera.
While I only took the first course of the class I had
previously attempted my own interpretation of
amateur photography.
I started taking pictures in 2016 and slowly built up
my confidence and moderate skill in the subject. I began by
taking photos with my phone like any teenager would but
eventually convinced my mother to let me borrow her
camera. I eventually got my own but that wasn't until I started
college in 2020.
About Me
My Photography History
How I Got Interested
Picture Preferences
The first time I actively tried to take good pictures
was at my mother's wedding in Cancún. We did the
standard tourist thing and I remember taking one
particular picture of a palm tree that made me want to
keep taking good pictures. I remember being so proud
that picture and was determined to keep going.
During that vacation I took more pictures than
I can remember ever doing before. Mom had to tell me
a few times to not get carried away with it which I may
have not listened to very well.
At first I thought it was just a phase or something to
remember my time in Mexico. That proved to be wrong
as I continued this passion long after we returned.
Everyone has a preference on what they do
and don't like for any subject. My preferences
with photography are pretty straightforward.
One type of subject that I like to capture is
close-ups in nature. Getting those small details
up close brings me happiness when the picture
turns out good.
I tend to prefer close-ups in general when taking
pictures, but I also like to play with different
lighting and shadows. I feel that it helps bring some
interest to the subject I'm trying to capture.
Another thing I like to do is photograph animals.
I've only had experience with a few but it was never
a dull moment trying to photograph the cute animals.
Anna Whitney