COMP1150-72 HTML Project

Part A - Lab Exercise

Seth Bestgen

This is my first HTML web page.

We are going to learn basics of HTML and CSS.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
HTML is the standard markup language for creating Web pages
HTML describes the structure of a Web page
HTML consists of a series of elements
HTML elements tell the browser how to display the content
HTML elements label pieces of content such as "this is a heading", "this is a paragraph", "this is a link",

Here is my two most used sites (for vary different reasons of course)

RCTC Website

Youtube Website

A couple pieces.

Trulli Inside Cabin

Breakfast list

A basic HTML table

Company Contact Country
Alfreds Futterkiste Maria Anders Germany
Centro comercial Moctezuma Francisco Chang Mexico
Some Company John Doe USA

Whoops! forgot I left this here.

Part B - HTML Project - My Wandering Mind

This is just a collection of thoughts goind through my mind throughout the day.

What I want vs what I should do

To do list Hobbies Favorite food
Homework Video games Dumplings and sausage
Driving practice Dungeons and Dragons Ham fried rice
Leisure time Taekwondo (and then sleep) Boneless wings

Over here is an art collection I'm starting, it's not much right now but give it some time!

Trulli Inside Cabin Outside City Inside City

Breakfast list - (What should I have to eat?)

Whoops! forgot this was here..... Well if you want to shop for some you can.

Want to shop here?

No? then maybe here!