Link's Awakening Trade Sequence

The trading quest starts with the Yoshi Doll, which you can win from playing the Trendy Game in Mabe Village.

At the Trendy Game you can also win a piece of heart. Click the image below to go to a piece of heart guide.

Above the Trendy Game there is a patch of grass where you can find a secret seashell. Click the image below to go to a secret seashell guide.

Once you have it, you need to take it to the north-most house in the village - the one with two doors. Inside, speak to Mamasha, who will give you the Ribbon.

Staying in Mabe Village, head to the central-most house, the one with BowWow outside. Enter the right-most part of the house and give the Ribbon to CiaoCiao for Dog Food.

Once you have the dog food, head south to Toronbo Shores, where there is a hut with a blue and yellow roof in the middle of the beach.Speak to Sale inside, who wants Canned Food - your Dog Food will do. You'll receive Bananas in return.

As part of accessing the third dungeon, you have to infiltrate Kanalet Castle. Approach the front gates, then go right along the moat until you meet with Kiki the Monkey, who wants bananas. Trade them to not only build a bridge so you can access Kanalet Castle, but also receive a Stick.

In Ukuku Prairie, to the west is a warp point. Next to here will be Tarin standing next to a tree with a beehive. Give him the Stick to receive the Honeycomb in return.

In the Animal Village, give the Honeycomb to the Chef Bear to receive a Pineapple.

In Tal Tal Heights in the north of the map, you can enter a cave just to the left of where you drop down to the Angler's Maw dungeon.At the top of the cliff you'll find Paphal who wants some "vittles" - in other words, a Pineapple. Doing so gives you Hibiscus in return.

Take the Hibiscus to Animal Village, and give it to Christine, who will give you a Letter.

In the west of Goponga Swamp is a hut with Mr Write inside. Give him the Letter to receive the Broom.

Take the Broom to Grandma Ulrira - she's now in the Animal Village - to receive the Fish Hook.

With the Fish Hook in hand, you'll want to visit the Fisherman who is under the bridge in Martha's Bay.You'll need the Flippers from the Catfish's Maw dungeon first. You'll receive a Necklace in return.

Just north of the bridge in Martha's Bay is a mermaid, who will take the Necklace off your hands in return for a Scale.

The final piece of the trading sequence is to take the Scale to the Mermaid Statue in the south of Martha's Bay - you'll need the hookshot in order to reach it.Doing this will reveal a cave to gives you the reward you've been working towards - the Magnifying Lens location.

With the Magnifying Lens you can see and interact with the shopkeeper, who can give you the Boomerang in exchange for one of your items. This is particularly useful for taking on the seventh and eighth dungeons in the game.


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