How to reset your StarID Password

by Sean Hansen

What is your student Microsoft Account?

Every student at RCTC is given a Microsoft account which gives the school a consitent way to contact all of its students.
This Microsoft account comes with Microsoft Outlook and access to a free download of Office 365 which the school recomends all students take advantage of.

Knowing how to log into your Microsoft account is very important because that log in informaiton is also used
to log into a few other services such as school computers and the schools brightspace/D2 system.
You only need to know three pieces of informaiton to log into your account: your StarID and the password you have associated with it.

Your star ID is a series of two letters, four numbers, and two letters that the state of Minnesota issues to every student when they enrol in a Minnesota collge.
To log into your Microsoft account you simply need to go to
Click on the sign in button in the uper right hand corner as shown below.

Select the Sign in button in the upper right hand corner

How to sign into your Microsoft account

Microsoft Account login page

The image above shows the screen the will come up. If you have never logged into a Microsoft account on the divice you are using
then the example account in the picture will not be in the window.
To log into your account select the "Use another account" button, and the window will change to some different options which are shown below.

Signing into Microsoft page

In the user account feild type in first your starID, ""

Enter your password to sign in

Then type in the password associated with your starID.

Reseting your password

If you do not remeber your password or your password is not working for you there are just a few simple steps you can follow to get it reset.

Don't select "Forgot my password"

The button on the Microsoft account login page to reset your password is very confusing because it does not work for school Microsoft accounts
If you do select it, it will take you to this page which looks like it will change your password, but will only waste your time.

Wrong reset password page

Instead, to reset your starID password you have to go to the starID Minnesota website and select the button that says "Reset my password"

That button will take you to this page:

Simply click on any of the options you belive you can provide informaiton for and the website will gide you through the process of resetting your StarID password.
To speed up the process have a password in mind that matches the specification whcih are similar to those recomended by the Department of Computer Science
Make sure as you fill out the informaiton you need that you answer every question and click on every checkbox before you hit continue.

If you have any trouble or would like assitance, don't hesitate to stop by the RCTC Technology Support Center on the first floor just off the Atrium.

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