Abdi Ahmed's Home Page

COMP1150 Spring 2020

Abdi's Favorites:

Website, App, Player, Artist, Anime.

RCTC Website

RCTC is tied for being one of my favorite websites because it continues to be one of my most visited. I like to keep myself updated on what the news around campus is.

Miniclip Website

Miniclip had it's time. I use to spend hours playing games online. It was really one of the first websites I've ever accessed. I still hop on it from time to time but it's more of a thing of the past.

Disney+ has become a household app in my life. And I don't mean I do it all by myself. I just happen to have a lot of younger family members and the app sort of, grew on me. The Mandalorian is a show that definitely caught my eye. If you tap the picture of baby Yoda, or even this sentence, you can see the trailer for yourself.

The GOAT. None other then the man himself. Destroyer of record breaking teams. Receives more hate than any basketball player I've seen in my life. You could argue he should have won MVP the last seven years but we can't always give it to him. Opened up a school for low income children. A produver. A role model. A household name.


Future is the father to all the new age rappers, (respect to Thug), and is the face of toxic masculinity. With hits like "Codeine Krazy", "March Madness", and "Never Stop", he has risen to greater heights. Fair warning, don't put him and Drake on the same tape.


Anime has always been a big part of my life. I feel like if you weren't ever really into anime then you were a slow reader. I like anime because it tells more than a story. It shows growth, perseverance, and teaches you to believe in yourself. I'd have to say the best anime ever created would have to be Naruto. Went from zero to hero and didn't change who he was through it all.