Dungions and Dragons

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There is a game by the name of Dungions and Dragons. This game is a table top game where the idea of create your own adventure and roleplaying a charcter.
The game starts with the creation of your own charcter. This requires a set of dice, the rule book, and a charter sheet.
The steps to making a charcter can be found in the players handbook. It is not required to read everything but it is recemended. As the will give all the
information needed. Including the race, class, and many other important fetures and traits. Once you have gotton your stats, equipment, and ablities in combat
you make your charcters personality. This is among other decistions your own personal touch on the charcter and how you will have the mact in the open world.

With in this table top role playing game there is more then just players, there is a story teller. This story teller is call the Dungion Master or Gamer Master.
This Dungion Master or DM is a saperate player that controls the world. Thier job is to guid the other players, often refured to as a party, a general dirction for a
story to be told. They run the combat, along with Non Player Charcters, and other aspects to flesh out a world for the players to exsplore. As a DM you will need the
Dugion Master's Guide, a set of dice, and a DM screen. There will be links to all items requird down below.

With in these world's are mosters, enimes, traps, and troves of other situation you and your parties mates will encounter. With many ways to solve the problems the
only limiting factor is your imagination and if the the DM allows it. Now a problem for potential playes might be that they do not have the money for the bookd.
Money can be a proble but there are free options for most materials online. Players Handbook. Anther barrier new players
might face is find somewhere to play. Luckly for all RCTC students there is a table top gaming club that is currently playing Dungions and Dragons. They meet on the
second floor of East Hall every Friday from 2p.m.-8p.m. There are other places where you can play with other such as D6 Games in Rochester which has Dugions and
Dragons sessions every Sunday and Wednesday from 6p.m.-10p.m.
Dungion Master's Guide

Dungions and Dragons officail site

RCTC Tabletop Gaming club officail site

D6 Games offcail site