Introduction to Monster Hunter!

What is Monster Hunter?

Monster Hunter is an action role playing video game set in a prehistoric fantasy world. You play as a hunter, a person who has the job of killing giant dinosaurs like creatures both to protect human civilization and to harvest parts of the monsters for use. You can hunt monsters by yourself or with up to three other people online making the game both a fun single player and cooperative experience. When you defeat a monster you get to scavenge materials from it, these materials can be used to forge or upgrade tons of different types of weapons and armor. As you upgrade your equipment you get stronger and are able to fight bigger, faster, and more ferocious monsters.

How to Play

In many ways Monster Hunter is similar to lots of other third person action games. In Monster Hunter you can run around, dodge, block, and unleash a variety of attacks with different amounts of power and speed. However Monster Hunter stands apart due to it’s slow pace and focus on boss like monsters. Since both you and the monsters move relatively slowly on Monster Hunter being good at the game takes a lot less precession and twitch reflexes when compared to other third person action games. Instead the skill in Monster Hunter comes from pattern recognition and timing, to defeat a monster you need to know how it fights and what moves it will do when, this type of gameplay allows the player to settle into a rhythm. The other great thing about Monster Hunter is the emphasis they put on fighting awesome giant monsters. In a lot of video games you have to fight tons of minions, or travel through long dangions that can get repetitive, in Monster Hunter every battle is a boss battle.


One of the most important parts of Monster Hunter is crafting new armor and weapons. To craft new equipment you have to scavenge the required material from monsters then pay a blacksmith to make the item for you. This mechanic of crafting serves three main purposes. Firstly it lets the player work towards something, giving them the promise of cooler and more powerful equipment around the corner. Secondly it allows each player to customize their experience,there are 14 weapon types in Monster Hunter World. Each weapon type changes the playstyle of the game and what moves you can do, each weapon type has many variations, each with different abilities and stats. The third thing crafting does is allow you to play the game in different ways, because it encourages you to try out new weapons, you end up fighting the same monster with different weapons and finding it to be a totally new experience. For more information on the 14 weapon types in Monster Hunter world see the table below.


Monster Hunter is known for its epic graphics and stunning visuals, above you can see a comparison from what the game looked like back in 2004 when it first came out to what the latest versions of the game look like. Although it’s clearly looking much better today than it did in the past, monster hunter has retained its unique, highley fantisfall and semi realistic artstyle for all of its main releases. Although the art and graphics in Monster Hunter are far from the most realistic, the game does provide visuals that will leave the player breathless, both from beauty, and more often from fear. Each monster is it’s own uniquely crafted model, and you can tell that work was put into making sure they look good stationary and that all of their animations flow together well. Another visual hallmark of Monster Hunter are the outlandish weapons and armor the player gets to use. Each new piece of equipment changes your appearance, so you can see what type of armor the people you are playing with have on. Since armor is broken up into multiple parts players get to mix and matchmaking for a lot of variety in the way characters look. The weapon any given player is using is also along across their back, and since each weapon looks even if two players are both using Hammers they probably won't have the same Hammer. Overall the equipment in Monster Hunter along with the unique locations you get to travel to in order to hunt monsters, gives the game lots of visual variety. While the monsters themselves give the game a visual wow factor that promises to blow the player away again and again. But don’t take my word for it, check out the video below and see just how amazing Monster Hunter can look.


Capcom is the company that creates and publishes the Monster Hunter games, and is one of the main reasons the games are each polished masterpieces. Capcom was first formed in 1979 with the goal of making video games, since then it has been the creator of some of the most iconic video games in the world including, Street Fighter, one of the most popular arcade fighting games. Mega Man, an action platformer where you play as a robot. Resident Evil, a zombie horror game. Okami, a colorful adventure game where you play as a wolf. And lots of other popular titles. Unlike Nentendo, Microsoft, and Sony Capcom does not have its own console so its focus is on making the best games it can. Capcoms games have been published on consoles from all of the above companies. Capcom has also published it’s games on PC and mobile devices, not to mention the massive arcades its games used to be made for years ago.