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Anatomy and physiology 2

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Class notes for Febuary 10, 2020 Video for lecture has been posted to D2L


MOTOR TO SKELETAL MUSCLES • VOLUNTARY • MOVEMENT • Frontal lobe • Cerebellum • Thick heavily myelinated axons to muscles NT’S ia ACH always excitatory to skeletal muscles

Autonomic nervous system Motor to smooth muscle

Smooth muscle is found in stomach, uterus, bladder, bronchioles and blood vessels

Peristalsis regulates stomach and uterus contractions;Bronchiol dilation is asthma; cardiac muscles;Tachardia; Bradycardia; Glands;Sweat glands;Salivary glands;Pancreas;These are all involuntary;Involuntary;Hypothalamus and medulla oblongata limbic system; A.n.s has two neurons;Preganglionic neuron-mylen Postganglionic neuron- unmyelinated; Pos ganglionic neurons secret either A.C.H or N.E;ADRENALINE IS EXCITATORY AND INHIBITOR IN THE a.n.s


Increase blood pressure; dilation and contraction Increase heart rate Bronchioles dialate Slows down peristalysis Different receptor types causes different response

Autonomic neuropathy

Damage or lose of neurons at A.N.S • Aging • Diabetis • Constipation • Incontinence • Difficulty swallowing • Blood pressure issues • Temp regulation